Antoinette Charles, tdTomato filled cultured hippocampal neuron

Whole cell recording of AMPA-mediated mEPSCs from acute hippocampal slices

Slides from primary cultured neurons

Primary Hippocampal Neurons in a 96-well dish!


Mabb Lab Miniscope!

‚ÄčAmin Ghane, In vivo calcium imaging

"Mikey, he likes it, he really likes it!"

Imaging hippocampal dendritic spines in culture!

Immunostaining of Arc (green) in mouse CA1 dendrite, 60 minutes after novel object recognition

(Sam Chery and Angela Mabb)

Let the set-shifting begin!

Our first batch of Cortical neurons!

Zack testing out our new multi-channel pipetter on our hippocampal neurons!

Imaging neural activity in awake behaving mice!

Spices in the lab?!?!  Zack prepping for a new mouse behavior experiment!  Our lab is all about going organic!

‚ÄčArc induction in DG

Welcome to the Mabb Lab!